About Us

MKE Chauffeurs Specialise in Security & Close Protection Chauffeuring, along with providing Corporate and Private Chauffeuring.

MK Executive Chauffeurs (MKE Chauffeurs) is a family run company that is based in the North-East of England, we have over 22 Years experience in the chauffeuring and security service industry and therefore genuine experience and knowledge.

Our vision is to provide a reliable and cost effective solution to both business and private customers that rely on our services every day of the year.

With an experienced team of skilled security chauffeurs and a first class support team, our clients relax in the knowledge that their specific needs are met for each time they travel.

Before establishing MKE Chauffeurs, Kevin was the Security driver to many high ranking Military Officers. He has extensive knowledge and experience providing Close Protection to families and business people in the UK and Overseas, his Chauffeuring work has taken him all over the UK, into Europe and the Middle East.

In terms of his history, his chauffeuring career really started whilst serving in Her Majesty's Forces. His background with the Royal Logistics Corps (previously, the RAOC) saw him attaining his civilian Police Advanced Driving course, achieving Class 1 certification and driving high ranking officers and VIP's.

Kevin is also trained to an advanced level of Security Defensive and Evasive driving and has spent numerous years since 2003 as part of a Close Protection Team working in the Middle East and London.


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